Friday, 15 April 2011


About a week ago I paused for a while at st. Stephens Green with Antoiela Girassol as she preparred to depart Dublin for her native Santos,Sao paulo,Brazil.
She is heading home after a year here.She has had good times but will be delighted to get home to a warmer climate with family and friends near by!!

She Arrived on set with an old friend a copy of her favourite play,Beckett's waiting for Godot.
As it turns out its an old favourite  mine too  although I really only took heed of it in since the fantastic beckett season in the gate theatre some years ago.Antoniela an actress and theatre teacher says it is her favourite work of her favourite writer and she wanted to be photographed with it beside one of her favourite places in Dublin.So here we are outside St Stephens Green across the road from the memorial to The Irish fusileers,especially those who fell in the Boer War.
Hugh and Artur were on hand for this shot which was well sheltered beside a phone booth,and they threw the light around as gracefully as ever.
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  1. Hi Dave, good to see you're surviving on a steady stream. Am expecting an enactment to play out in the background to this shot ... big into the stage like backdrop, in the background. Best of luck to Antoiela too - been to Santos, got some shots on the beach life there with an old OM10. Ahhh yes, fresh fried fish - while sitting out on the sand, and myself fried too, under the sunshine. I was the whitest thing for miles around. Hope all well with ya! Am working on an entry for the PhotoIreland deal, this year ...

  2. good on ya hope its a success

    the enactment i promise will happen in the next posting I promise!!

  3. I dont like this, it tells me nothing

  4. interesting anonymous 3.30 am post from dublin,
    wont be seeing them again so!!!

  5. Nope still here and i believe my comment is valid at any hour....

  6. I TOTALLY disagree with 'anonymous', I think this photo is incredible at any hour, the light is fantastic and I love the detail - even the luas in the backround, you can see Dublin still buzzing around this frozen, poignant moment in time. I love Antoiela's expression and the light on the entrance to Stephen's Green. BRILLIANT :D Keep up the good work - it tells me a lot!!!

  7. @ anonymous:

    I like this, it tells me something