Wednesday, 6 April 2011


It was a beautiful spring night at the end of march. All was good as we prepared to enter April  for a second time in the life of the leaving dublin project.
The project is again gathering pace and I have once more made a compilation video to try and attract new participants to join us in  this historical  documentation process.See it here and please share it with anyone you feel may be interested in this project and indeed with those who you know are on the move!!

fortunately  for the shoot the crew on the  night was large. As half way through the process we were approached by a man intent on moving the tripod to get my attention.
Luckily I got his just as he was about to grip on,and James and Artur attracted him down the street,pied piper style, with their flash!! 
  Having spent three years here in Dublin Anne Seabra de Pontes is Leaving for home.
She says she has learned all she had to in Dublin and now it is time to return home to Brazil to complete college.
For this parting shot she has returned to a place where she spent many a happy night in the first months of her stay here,The Turks head in the Temple bar district of the city centre.
 just like so Soraya Beyer( A German who returned home last year after spending 2 years here) she says that she has Met some great people and had some great experiences,and now it is time to move on!!
As always it is my opinion that she will look back on the time spent here in some years to come and crave the freedom of a student passing their time in a city that feels just right.
On the night we where joined by Mel O Reilly, Chris o Reilly,Artur Sikora,James Lillis,who all pushed the light around in a good way!
We where also joined by Anne's boyfrien Richard  who will feature on these pages in the future as he also is destined to return home.
Good luck to them both!!
Big thanks again to Mariane Goldberg for the contact!
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  1. ...lovely composition, beautifully lit.

  2. perspective here is fantastic David

  3. hey thanks conn,and Artur!
    spent big time on the edit!!

  4. It's a very surreal shot........ love those red shoes too.
    Super! Love it.....

  5. and she is now on her way home!!

  6. Mariane Goldberg7 April 2011 at 00:00

    beaaaautiful shot!

  7. AMAZING!!!! So glad I got to see it :) I have some pictures of the lovely man "Shoot me!"

  8. please post them somewhere!i would like to see he was very animated!!