Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Two weeks ago now I met with Sabrina del Pico, an Italian from Rome who having lived here and enjoyed it a lot,had decided  to go back to Rome to try life in her home town once more.
She had been in Dublin for several years and  lived at the photo location on the south circular road for some years.The garden at her house was a particular favourite place for her and indeed it proved to be a very special place for me to!!

It transported me right back to my early childhood when my grandfather kept a similar Garden full of light and shades of green.How ever his had a dividing line between the vegetable garden and the flowerbeds!
This garden brought together food and flower into the one beautiful green canvas and working in it at the dead of night filled me with memories of an idylic childhood living next door to a farm 3 miles from the city centre!!On the night I saw Strawberries,gooseberries,rhubarb,potatoes,asparagus,and I think there may have been some fruit trees and lots of pretty flowers,all living in harmony!
It was a total pleasure to spend some time with Sabrina and celebrate her time here in Dublin before she left for Rome.I think we did her justice and provided her with a heroic parting shot as she posed among the potato drills
I wish her every success for the future!!
On the night Hugh and Artur did the business with lights ensuring a positive outcome!
thanks to Sabrina and her housemates for being so welcoming on the night!
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  1. This is very different to the other images I've seen in the series, it's so green. Sabrina seems almost cradled by the plants around her. I'd love a garden like that myself!

  2. I have to say Leon I felt cradled myself,a beautiful little ecosystem on the S.C.R.
    Thanks for posting here!!

  3. Oh, I like this one! So green and different from other shots.

  4. thanks Natalja,there are a few green shots here most taken in the pheonix(3 in total) it makes a nice contrast in a city that has so much green space!!