Saturday, 11 June 2011


I had another one of those beautiful experiences in Kilmainham last week.I met with a family who where just about to ship out to Holland. they had been guided to my project by a friend and they liked what they saw.It was in the eleventh hour that they had made contact with me so there was no time to physically scout the site,but we put our heads together and came up with a location where I knew there were a few good angles and plenty of space to do the shoot.

  These are the Brichard -Rooneys Ken,Severine,and and the beautiful Leonore.

What got me about this shoot was the bond of trust that exists between parents and infants.
Its so beautiful to watch yet so hard to define.Here are a family on the edge of change but what will make that experience so tolerable  is that within the change there will be elements which will hold steady whatever the location.
Leonore will wake up one morning in a totally new environment everything about her location will have changed,yet she will not fret she will look around till she spies the familiar face of her parents and on will go the beautiful experience of being part of this family.
For me the grip of Leonore on the scarf of Severine was the trigger of these thoughts in my head,and it was indeed great to see another family line out to mark their transition from one house to another.
Ken and Severine lived just around the corner from The Irish Museum of Modern Art at  the Royal hospital
Kilmainham and it was one of the places they visited most frequently in Their leisure time with Leonore.
They will be delighted to hang their copy of this image in their new home and this will reinforce a link to kilmainham,Dublin,and Ireland into the future for all of them.
Hugh and Artur again turned on the style at very short notice for this one so I thank them.
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  1. Oh Great....... I was wondering if it worked out for you. Nice photograph.

  2. thanks for the nudge Jeanette!!

  3. David
    The first few months in Amsterdam have been so incredibly busy that I never got around to saying thank you - so here it is !
    Best of luck with the project -