Sunday, 5 June 2011


I was delighted to be asked last friday to speak at the launch of the Griffith College Graduate Photography Exhibition.
It was a fantastic night with great work and very well attended.On the night I was phased by a very well researched intro about myself(twas very strange,but indeed gratifying to hear my own words quoted),the Heat of the heaving Auditorium,and crowd hum.The Net result of this was that I paused mid flight for about 20 seconds and jumped straight to the end of my prepared short talk.
The thrust of my message was to encourage the graduates to continue the great work they had achieved with this show and I feel from feed back on the night they got the message.
However there were some things I only pointed at and now I will expand on those for the record!

Last year I attended the first graduate show of this program and was blown away!
The same is true of this years show.In short the work acknowledges the many facets which exist in modern photography without getting hung up on any one.These strands are then skillfully held together with technical skill and proficiency with the medium underlying all works.
The course program is skillfully put together as to allow participants to freely explore their desired area whilst acquiring the skill sets to propel them forward into the profession of photography!
There is no doubt that more colleges will have an eye to the model honed by the course authors at Griffith, and I await with some pleasure to watch outputs mutate as other students are unfettered from the restraints previously placed upon their creativity.

It is interesting that the photoireland festival had its first year last year also and my interest there was also to observe the level of diversity present in the works presented.I look forward to see this festival grow and as it does it should raise the profile of photography amongst the Irish audience.

The Photographic industry in ireland has been in a state of flux and over the last few years I have really felt things shift dramatically.Just as in the Print and Publishing sectors in the Eighties the lines between photography,design,(web and print)and other areas of business have been blurred to a point that it was assumed that because the tools of photography where more accessible than ever,any creative type with access to these tools could multitask to provide a total solution for customers at a reduced cost.
I am glad to report that I see a shift in opinion as business and agencies realize the truth of this false economy is a fall of standards in output.
Just recently I met with a recent photography graduate who has, in a turn around, been employed full time by large Dublin based Auction house as their in-house photographer. These type actions are the seeds of change and I foresee several more positions emerging for graduates in the future.

For my own part I have only recently reconnected with my own desire to create personal work along with the desire to make a living from photography.This should not have been the case.Now I realise the importance of personal work as being central to my practise as a photographer and I would encourage all to keep on shooting and working on the great work started on their college course,in the longrun this kind of practise can only be good for your spirit and your career as it creates another facet to your person and indeed to your professional persona
I have to thank the economic slowdown in Ireland for affording me the time to spend working on my own projects . I must point out to all that time spent shooting work if equalled with time spent promoting this work via the internet will grow for you a profile beyond your first imaginings.
The secret of success in this area is to be diligent,frequent, positive in content and interesting.
Thanks to all on the night ,the graduates and Staff at Griffith

I hope this post reaches my intended audience of the night and beyond and clarifies the intentions of my strangled address.
please pass it on!!
thank you


  1. Great Words. It really was a great night and there was some superb work in the exhibition. Thank you.

  2. thanks Samuel sorry it was a little late coming!