Sunday, 31 July 2011


I have to admit typing this post from a different machine in a different country has phased me a little.
There is no doubt about it that familiarity makes us all feel very comfortable and we become very cosy when we operate from inside our comfort zone.It makes the act of composition a very straightforward one.
But faced with this awkward feeling of typing in a different location really stresses to me the hugeness of all the people who have sat with me over the last year and a half
All of these people without exception have found themselves in situations which placed them far from  the comfort of their homes and families. One such person is   Glaucia Torres Quintanilha who spent 3 years in Dublin working as a child minder.Now she is returning home to that comfort zone knowing that things there will have changed somewhat whilst she was away. here is what she had to say

 "I m Glaucia Torres Quintanilha I come from Rio de Janeiro, I lived in Dublin for over three years, I decided to go back
to Brazil because I felt ready to starting a new life here. I went to Ireland  to study English and to know a little  bit
about Europe.I worked like chilminder all the time I lived there, I realy enjoyed my work and the families I worked  with. I ll keep them in my hearth forever.It was quite dificult saying good bye, but I m feeling really excited about my return  to my home s almost the same  feeling I had when I arrived in Dublin  all the possibilities, and after all   that time out of your country a lot of things have changed."
We wish Glaucia all the best in her hometown and her new adventure and sincerly hope things have not changed too much!

On the night Mel,Artur,and Ray,balanced the light out  and did it beautifully down at the Grand canal dock our second visit to that area of our town.

It has been a very busy couple of months for me in Dublin with all sorts of projects rolling on and keeping me very busy. I have just finished printing an exhibition for the photo archive inTemple Bar which will open at the end of August,Its called Small lives and it focuses on the depiction of children in Irish photography as represented by the collections of the National library of Ireland.It has all the potential of being a really successful exhibition and for my sake I hope it is well received as all good publicity should reflect well on my practice as a fine art printer.
As I left for France the photoireland festival was drawing to a close and I have to say it was a fantastic success. Its really  playing its part in building an understanding of visual culture whilst drawing together all the diverse elements of photographic practice into one complete coherent and all inclusive celebration of the photographic image.So lets at this point give the organisers and those who made it all happen(the participants) a big round of applause and hope that they are all up for it again next year!!

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  1. Ah yes, nice one Dave. One of the few most definitely smiling.

  2. thanks Conor,A pleasure to share this one with you!!