Saturday, 2 July 2011


its been over 3 weeks since my last post and I am feeling a little withdrawn,but really glad to be back tonight.
I got caught up chasing a load of books around a copy stand and it took up way more time than it was supposed to.So sorry to any one who may have been hanging on for a post!! Sorry especially to Tady Walsh and his Wife Milena who I photographed some 4 weeks ago before they departed for Quimper
in Brittany(France).

Tady found my work on the net and made contact with me through my site to let me know that he was planning to move and would like to sit with his partner Milina somewhere next or near to the part of town that has been their home for some years.They both have enjoyed living here but have been planning to move for some years to a place in the country that would site them somewhere between Milena's home in Montenegro and Tady's Ireland. So now they are off to this Idyllic French town where Tady can continue to work to his existing role via the internet and Milena can work on her art from a point really close to nature.
I know this part of the world and I know happy days await them on the other side of the bridge and wish them many years of happiness in the countryside!!
Although Tady says the economic downturn had not much to do with their decision I feel that the dull cloud of fallout that still hangs over our country would shift anyone who is in any way tenuously attached.
On the night Artur Hugh and Ray got things moving on the bridge in Portabello. As always!!

Its been a great few weeks in the life of my project and I was delighted to present the work in all its glory as part of a historical presentation on migration to the Sean Mac Diarmada summer school at kiltyclogher county leitrim.details of which you can find here.
What made the presentation so glorious was that I had commissioned some original music to complete a video of stills from the project.
The piece runs for 6 minutes and features 45 images set to a very evocative soundscape composed by Ian Monahan The piece entitled ON LEAVING is available now for download at Ians music and video sharing site
Ian and his media partner Steve have agreed to host the piece and have provided for download of 3 different versions.
one for IPAD and windows media player one for IPHONE,android and IPOD, and one for IPHONE4.
It would be only fantastic if you guys would download this track and via ITUNES put it on your mobile devices and shared them with those who may find it interesting or indeed those who may be leaving soon.
For me this should be my last big push for sitters so it would be great if you all could help me to achieve my goal by the end of this year.
As always comments,follows and shares are welcome,
But today over all I would ask you to download share and comment on the video piece "on Leaving"
bigthanks!! David


  1. semisolidradio2 July 2011 at 21:59

    Its all good David, Up and On!!........... Thank You

  2. The final effort looks and sounds great, David. Thanks for allowing us to host it on semisolidradio :-)

  3. hi Steve its a pleasure to be there lets hope both our sites benefit from it!!