Monday, 18 July 2011


Meet Jurgen Alexander a young man with a future!
In this life we have got to strive for what we want. Through hard work and application all is achievable.
Jurgen has worked as designer to the wexford festival opera since graduating from the Grafton academy.
you can see some of his work here.
Jurgen  has aspirations as a couturier  and so he is off to study in London to fulfill his dream of becoming a major force in the field of fashion and  design.

There is no doubt about it after brief chats with a couple of pretty dedicated Artists
 at a photoireland book launch it has become very obvious to me that taking the long view,(like Jurgen), is a good route  to go when it comes to making decisions about your work. A clear vision and a dogged and fearless approach to your projects is what is needed and over time all will be conquered.
Sure there will be times when you feel its all to much and the rewards and  satisfaction in a job well done is not enough to sustain you.
Especially when the work just  doesn't transfigure into your patron providing you with the means to continue your route into the future.
Its through meeting people like Jurgen, on the accent in their career,but taking time out to reinvest in  themselves,that we become refreshed and realise that hey, maybe we don't know it all, and maybe there is space to be more perceptive to the advice of others who have driven the road before us.
Whoh!  listen to me I am beginning to ramble but let me not go past the most important point that through work you meet the most fascinating people and this is in essence a good enough reason to continue,enriching your life by sharing experiences with people like Jurgen,Working with people like Artur,and Ray who where out with me on the night, then sharing stories with Natalja,and Emma also present at the shoot.
The experience propels me forward and I am glad to be forging ahead like so many of my contemporaries,
inspired by people like Jurgen and the others I have photographed for this project who are inspirations to us all.People in the persuit of happiness and a place in which to achieve it!
Lighting on the night was looked after by Artur Sikora and Ray Hegarty and all went well as always!
We where joined on the night by Natalja Murphy and Emma Gendre ,both enjoyed the looks of passers by who stared at disbelief at the mannequin on the path.

photoIreland festival is now in full swing and I have been enjoying again the full spectrum of its events and exhibition.
this weekend saw the launch of its book and magazine fair,the launch of the "Martin Parrs best books of the decade "exhibition at the photo-archive building,and many more great talks and seminars took place.
This festival has ,from a standing start last year,established itself as the biggest event in the photographic calendar.Those involved in pulling it all together have to be applauded for their vision and I sincerely hope they  also continue to forge ahead.for a list of curent exhibits click here

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If you've not done already a video piece is available for download here
it includes 45  works to date and  a moving audio track created by Ian Monahan in response to the work.
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  1. SEMISOLIDRADIO18 July 2011 at 12:02

    Wow Dave!! very inspireing all round, great to see peoples work in the shot.

  2. thanks Ian its all about forward momentum!!

  3. Wonderful, David! We did turn a few heads that night, didn't we, or shall I say the mannequin did? :) What a beautiful night it was and what a great outcome!

  4. hey it was great to meet you again and your good friend Jurgen I am sure you are going to miss this splash of colour around Wexford!!

  5. Great Shot David, love the addition of the mannequin/dress.

  6. he, y Brian great to see you here,yes its an interesting shot and great to meet a man with such a demon work rate,in love with life and his work!!thank you! mail coming your way!!