Sunday, 14 August 2011


Last july I presented my work Leaving Dublin to The Sean Mac Diarmada Summer School in Kiltyclogher,county Leitrim.
It was a very positive experience and it forced me to think of my work in the  broader context of migration and documentation of  the movements of people.My Presentation lasted for 30 minutes and I finished it with a specially prepared video piece which was warmly received by all who viewed it.
The experience affirmed my aspirations and made me feel a true sense of achievement as it was obvious that the work presented has and will continue to grow in historical significance as a documentation of the phenomena all to familiar to several generations of Irish,and indeed to several other cultures around the word.

One of the others who presented a paper on the day was Dr. Jennifer Redmond,Dr. Redmond is an experienced researcher and teacher, having worked in academic roles
in Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin and NUI Maynooth. She completed her
doctoral dissertation in 2008 on the history of Irish women's emigration to England between
1922 and 1948.Her research is primarily on Irish emigration to Britain, the Irish diaspora and also topics in women's history. The topic of her current IRCHSS fellowship is Irish emigration during World War II, and it was on this topic that she spoke on the day.
She was moved by my piece and afterward she told me she was leaving for America soon to take up a position in Philadelphia.

She wanted to participate in the project!

She often thought in the past that she would work abroad to widen her area of experience but never felt that it would be thrust upon her by lack of work here at home. This has come to be the case.
Soon herself and her Fiancé James O Regan,an I.T. specialist will set out for the U.S.A.I hope all goes to plan for her and James and they have a positive experience in America.
Together they chose a spot on the Grand Canal which is clearly visible from the window of their apartment.An interesting choice and I feel this little jetty played an important part in their observance of the seasons and the passage of time,now it marks their own departure.
On the night Jennifer wore a pair of red heels,I suppose a symbol of the optimism she will carry on this journey."Should anything go wrong" she said, "I can click my heels together  three times to come home!!"
A lesson for all of us, on any long journey the right shoes are a great help!!

On the night Artur ,Hugh,and Ray where on hand,and shone as always!
Big thanks to Ray for talking to Jennifer about her OZ metaphor!

The above mentioned video piece is still available for download (3 different sizes,ihone ,ipad,pc)
from this link

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Bigthanks to you all for coming back again and again.

And huge thanks to Dr. Jennifer Kelly,and Dr Jennifer Redmond
for giving my work this huge lift to historical significance! 



  1. The Ruby Slippers , if only they exsisted!!
    Great shot Dave ,well done

  2. thanks Anon,we could all do a little heel clickin from time to time!!