Sunday, 7 August 2011


Through the process of shooting this project I have met  with so many people, each  one with their own story.In a lot of cases movement from Dublin was a necessity forced upon the person by one circumstance or another . Initially my call for participants looked for people who were moving for financial reasons, but as time  passes I realise that there are other reasons for peoples wanderings and in the interest of presenting a fuller picture of Irelands new diaspora all movers must be represented to one extent or  another.

Two weeks ago I met with Julian and laetitia West, their daughters Ellen and Roseanna,and their son Thomas.
Natives of the South circular road they wanted to be photographed next to a local landmark so right outside Kilmainham Gaol,Opposite the entrance to the Royal Hospital did the trick and ticked all the boxes.
They were just returning home from dinner with family and were soon to leave,By now they are settling into their new home in Arizona,full of expectation for the year ahead.Not unlike Jana,Andrew,and Oscar they are bound on the outset with the knowledge that they will return home in exactly one year come what may.
An interesting concept!!
heres what Julian had to say  "Laetitia is on an assignment with "a major micro-electronics company". We will be returning in exactly one year. Rosanna and Thomas have started school in Ahwahtukee. I'm doing some writing. Ellen is looking for work with a vet. We aren't really leaving because anything is wrong with Dublin - but we're going to enjoy the change
I hope they feel a difference when they return home,But you know after the whole David Norris story this week,and the Indeed the cloyne report  I feel that Ireland is never going to change and we are still that banana republic where the Purple and the pin-stripped still rule the day.
I wish them well and hope the experience proves to be enriching!!
Artur and Ray loked after the light on this shoot and all went off smoothly!

Remember the video piece" on leaving " is still available for download on the Irish Music and video download site semisolid radio  Its available in 3 different sizes for Iphone 4,ipod,and ipad-pc.
so please download and share-i promise you will find it a moving video and a true testament to those who have sat for me!

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