Thursday, 19 January 2012


Welcome to the second post of 2012. This one has been a while coming as things have been fairly hectic around my studio since the New Year kicked off. I have been very active over the last 5 or six weeks trying to arrange projections of a new video piece in some locations around the world.
So far four have been arranged and hopefully there will be news of more as the weeks pass by to the screening dates in March next. So far we have commitments from Melbourne Australia, Edinburgh Scotland, Alabama, U.S.A. and  Minas Gerais Brazil.  I am standing by for news from London, Bristol, New York and Chicago.

I hope to set up a Facebook page for thees projections over the next few days so all can keep informed of whats going on and all can track the addition of dates and their location as they are added.
If any of you have advice on the best way to set up such a page please pass on the info on the comments page.
Two weeks ago I met with Alan Pentony a Haulier who only some short time ago had spent two years in Canada.  As thing have turned down here again Alan finds himself leaving Dublin and his native Swords for the second time. This time the return date is not so visible  in the mists of the future. The only comment Alan had to make on this ocaison was he was happy to leave as he saw a brighter future ahead for him in Perth, his destination city. He was indeed also delighted to pause on this blustery rainy night to have his historical parting shot made opposite The Pound bar, a place he has spent many a happy night with his family and friends socialising.
I wish Alan the best and hope he enjoys the freedom of the wide open highways in Australia where the roads they say can go on forever.
Ray Hegarty and Ian Monahan looked after the business on the night and we all enjoyed a chat for about an hour in The Pound once our work was done. A pleasure shared indeed.
I have reached another critical point in this process and there are two crews hoping to film with us soon one for a documentary about  art and these times and another for international news coverage. This time we are looking for anyone traveling in early to mid February who may be available for photography around about Feb 4th.
So if you know of anyone on there way out of town please point them towards here or my viewbook page where they can get my contact details (
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One more thing there is a nice polaroid exhibition in which I am participating in at the moment in Dublin here are the details it runs for a couple more weeks at the Mad Art Gallery Gardiner Street Dublin 1.
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  1. Nice green wall !and a cool shot! Well done again Dave!

  2. thanks Ian,and Artur,if you can give me any guidence re the fb fan page stuff i would be obliged!

  3. delighted with the news David..keep up the good work!


  4. fantastic to see you here brian,hope to see you soon,I wll keep up the slog,its still building!!