Thursday, 26 January 2012


Meet Naoise Mc Gee, a recent college graduate in Film and Russian. Naoise is on her way to the busiest city in the world so it's a good job that she worked at Mao Restaurant where things are always full of hustle and bustle. Naoise lived until now on Killiney Hill and the view from her window included the Pigeon House Station. Like Marie Carroll, she decided that close to these tubes would be a good landmark for her to sit  for her glorious parting shot. Pensive is the word she actually used as she glanced at my mac screen after the shoot. She had to say that she loves Dublin, but with so many of her friends gone it seems like a ghost town (70,000 left in the last 12 months alone).

Now its time for this woman to fly from the nest into one of the busiest cities, but to be honest from my experience of this project this is the environment where raw talent finds itself matched with opportunity and the net result seems to be fairly positive all around.
I wish Naoise the best and hope she finds what she is looking for in New York and maybe even catches up with some of her friends.

Rosa Meagher came along for the shoot and helped Ray Hegarty to get the lighting set up and running.
Things are gathering pace again on the shoots front. So big thanks to everyone who have sent people my way. It looks like the next month will be busy and I will easily reach my goals if but a month late.
(Which is not bad considering we have come at this from a standing start with no previous experience of shooting such a large scale project over such a long period of time). I have some shots finished and ready to post and another three hopefully lining themselves up at the moment.
Really looking forward to getting stuff prepared for the projections. Just got a copy of final cut to edit the video piece so I can't wait to get it started. Ian has been doing some great work on the music and soundscape content and it looks like the piece will be a stunning representation of all that is being lost to our city and country right now.
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  1. Sorry dident read the entry yet , Thats superb!!!

  2. big thanks anon love that you love it!!!

  3. big thanks Roland,and welcome,glad you've enjoyed the work!!

  4. Beautiful colors, Davit. Yet again, great image!

  5. thanks Natalja
    ,it was a fantastic night!!

  6. thanks Natalja
    ,it was a fantastic night!!