Sunday, 1 January 2012


Welcome to my first post of 2012,well over the two year threshold and 96 posts behind me,almost 45000 page views,with 30,000 of them in the last year.Thanks to all of you who keep coming back!
Keep spreading the word, after all the Lilliputians world is the small one!!
As mentioned in my last post I have arranged 3 projections of my Leaving Dublin video piece
"on leaving" for march next.I noticed whilst looking for a suitable New York venue that the Irish arts centre had recently (dec 7th last)  made a 2 hour projection of a piece by Andrew Duggan  onto the side of a building on 51st street.As they have gone through this process I really would like to talk to someone there. So if anyone could get me contact details of the person who orgainised this show I would greatly appreciate it!

My next sitter now finds herself working in New York and was delighted to meet with me whilst spending some time at home in Dublin for the Christmas holiday.Aoife Mooney has been living there for almost a year now but I missed her on her original departure and we have been in touch via fb a few times  to organise a shoot when she made it home for a visit. Here is what she had to say.
When I worked in Dublin I split my week between working as a freelance graphic designer and working part-time in Daintree paper, the best paper shop in the world!
 I actually left Dublin a year before I emigrated, to pursue an MA in Typeface Design in the University of Reading in the UK, but I came home every couple of weeks on Ryanair's cheap as chips flights, so it never felt like I had really left.After my MA, I was offered a job in NYC, it was kind of the opportunity of a lifetime for me, as there is no equivalent in Dublin. I am a typeface designer and there are no independent type foundries in Ireland as of yet. It was a confluence of luck and timing I think. until then I had never lived anywhere but Dublin, so moving to NY was a big leap for me. I had mixed feelings about leaving, I'm excited about NY and am grateful for the opportunities that have allowed me to pursue this career, but I do miss home. Coming from a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic will always set you apart, there's nothing quite like the Dublin sense of humour, and the collective understanding of what it's like to grow up in a land of grey-green mists and cobblestones.

Aoife wanted the work to be made on Dun Laoghaire Pier so we made it about ten yards from the spot where I previously photographed Lynn Murphy,(the person who introduced Aoife to my project)

It was  a pleasure meeting Aoife for those few brief minutes and I am delighted that she paused with me for this heroic parting shot, before returning to the bustle of her new life in New York City. 
Although both shots are separated by such a short space Ithink you would agree the locations could not look more different!

Ray Hegarty And my good friend Don Sheehan looked after the lighting thing and lit up everything beautifully (including the lost soother under the bench!! )

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  1. Great shot yet again...and fantastic to read such positive coverage in the New York Times... Well done David...

  2. big thanks anon,hope fully there is a good follow through locally!!

  3. Got that Info and have started a dialogue!!.....
    Wish me luck!!