Monday, 26 March 2012


Audraí  O'Dwyer was in a great mood the night we met on Dublin's Grafton street,she was visibly excited about what lay ahead and was looking forward to her trip to Sydney Australia. she was due start a new job as communications Manager for the Urological society of Australia and New Zealand,on arrival
Audraí sat for a while with me on Grafton street in memory of her mother who shopped for the national team  every time she visited the capital, from her home in Killkenny.She really loved that shop and would gladly spend hours in it at any time of the year,said Audraí.
Were she alive today I am sure she would be saddened by the departure of Audraí for Oz.But maybe the sad fact of her absence makes this move a little easier for Audraí to make.
It was a lucky break for Audraí ,who was approaching the end of her contract,was headhunted by  a similar organisation  to her own at the other side of the world,the prosperous side!!

Here In Dublin we are a year into a new regime and the arrogance of old is beginning to rise.
A deluded political class out of touch with the common man and unable to lead people along their road because of the lack of understanding of the realities on the ground.
Its what we all voted to remove but the passage of the last year has proven that we replaced like with like.Now the next wave of arrogance is starting to rise as ministers settle into their briefs gently cossetted from all the aching realities around and about them,speaking insensitively and not getting the fact that people voted for them just to remove the last jaded set of politicos.There was no viable alternative offered and it looks like we will suffer on into the future.
After the shoot that night I dropped Audraí off in Ashtown after driving through a wasteland of apartments and empty commercial units.Oh what a sad state we have left the peripheries of our city in after an orgy of over development.And so we will continue to pay the price for this and many other sham projects around the country.Then when I hear our Taoiseach taking swipes at the "Soldiers of Destiny" it just makes me sick and begin to wonder is it the likes of Audraí who are the lucky ones getting to leave this rotten and fractured society with some prospects for a good life abroad?
On the night Ray Hegarty and Chris Connolly lit up the night and all on a very busy Grafton street.
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  1. Well said and a Super shot Dave!

  2. I think that you speak for a lot of us silenced by the arrogance and cynisim of the Irish political landscape! We as ordinary men and women have been stripped of everything including our very dignity! No, not proud to be Irish just now!

  3. thanks Anon,and Hi Pat alot indeed has been taken.But i feel we still have our dignity and our protest next weekend may put manners for a week or two on our political robots as once more the figures do not compute!!bigthanks for your contribution to this debate.