Friday, 16 March 2012


I met Paul Horace in a queue to enter R.T.É. studios It was december and I was in A bit of a panic as to whether I could reach the 70 mark in time for production of my video piece(airs tomorrow,in most locations).
As it turned out there was no need to worry at all and we trotted over the line a couple of weeks ago with a little time to spare to learn all about the wonders of final cut x a serious mans video editing program.Paul was the only sitter I got from that audience with the country,it wasn't the best of shows 
but it did lead to this great shot.

The shot was made on new years eve but because of some paperwork I was not able to display it till now.
Paul is a  steel fixer and welder has gone to the far end of the u.k. to work in the Shetland Islands.
With little or no work here  things were getting him down so he has taken the first thing in his work area that has come up.Its far but its not too far.But its cold and its dark.
This is what people in Pauls situation up and down the country are faced with,No work and bills mounting to a point of stress unimaginable four or five years ago!
He is a hard working man who has worked in couple of european locations prior to this return to Ireland during the heddy days  when his skills drew a high wage.In the queue the night we met he showed me some photos ,photos of him sitting on the steels on the familiar shape of the gravity bar on top of the Guiness Storehouse.He is very angry with what he sees as those who stripped this country of everything and left us all bare. Now faced with the prospect of emigration for the third time Paul is sad but resolute in his belief just like                         Kenny,Mick,Alan,Brian,Aileen,Graham,Naoise,Elaine,Garreth,Natasha,Seán,Leia,Jennifer ,James,Marie,Sabrina,
(wow the list goes on back into my projects history), anyhow Paul resolutely believes that if there was work here he would be happy to stay here and enjoy all our little country has to offer along with all those named and several more to boot.
The Shot was made above Killiney strand a place Paul would go weekends for a ramble via the train.
Mixing with people along the coast was something Paul really enjoyed.
I wish Paul the best in the Shetlands and as this project enters into its next phase,(the worldwide  projection 13 locations details here ) I think it apt that he is its Ambassador as thousands will react to the exhibitions this weekend across the globe,and visit the lilliputian for a closer look at this work.
I would like at this stage to thank all of the people who have supported this manifestation of the
 project worldwide and look forward to meeting some of them on my upcoming travels!!
On the Night Ray Hegarty lit this one with style and we passed some time chatting in the purty kitchen before returning to town!
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