Thursday, 6 September 2012


It was with great delight that I traveled by car across the rolling French countryside to Quimper in Brittany to meet Tady Walsh,his wife Milena,and their new beautiful baby Helena.
Staying across the other side of the region I messaged Tady on spec to see if he was around.
He told me that they had just had a child some hours previous and he was very excited at the prospect of all that was to come.I said I would call him again towards the end of the week.I did and arrived to his house to meet him and Helena who was by then a little short of 2 weeks old.(Milena was resting at this time)

Tady still works for the same company he was with in Ireland,all of his work is carried out online so for him the the move to France was merely to try something different,to be located centrally between Ireland and Montenegro(Milina's homeland)and perhaps there was a small need to escape the crushing negativity that exudes our capital at the moment.
Whatever the case Tady and Milena have started to write a new chapter of their life with Helena
I wish them all the best and look forward to dropping in on them again to see how things are going.

this Is the second visit I have made to a sitter in their new location(the first being Conor Mc Mahon), and I am so far happy with the choices I have made regarding the capture of this work.When I go to Australia next month I hope to make several calls to the many sitters I have photographed and to make work on a similar style.It would be beneficial at this point to know what you the viewer think of this mode of work (medium format,120 monochrome film,wide angle lens,no flash)
When it comes to preparing a book I feel that these closer square images will offer a good counterpoint to the other work already shot in colour.
Please let me know what you think in the comments box!!

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