Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Crackin' up!

It was great to meet last week with Paul Moloney a Dublin bar manager who was striking out to take on the world and do his level best to make a life for himself in Perth Australia.
Paul has secured sponsorship in Australia and so he is away to manage a bar and by now he is well into  his second week at work there.
I met Paul on Harry Street Dublin outside the famous Bruxelles pub and club where he fancied posing with one of Ireland's rock legends and larger than life personalities Philip Lynott.
Its hard to believe that Phil passed away over 25 years ago during the middle of our last big wave of emigration, around about the time that I lost all of my siblings to London.
Paul, a very happy and vibrant man told me after the shoot of his family and their connections to Australia through family members who had moved down through the years.
He was optimistic for his future and delighted for the opportunities which lay ahead but he did add,
"I have much love for this country, this city and my own home town. It's a place I would love to be able to excel in and ply my trade at a level I want to, with success....But......sadly.... IT AIN'T POSSIBLE."

We wish Paul the best and remember one of Phil's insightful lyrics of memory and loss

Iv'e been spending my time in the old town,
I sure miss you honey since your not around,
since your not around this old town.

I really look forward to catching up with Paul when I visit Perth in early November, by then hopefully he will be feeling at home!!

Both Ray and Artur were at hand to look after the technical stuff and as always all went smoothly with their guidance.


  1. That gave me a lump in my throat Dave... Well done

  2. thanks anon!!the real bummer about moving along is no doubt those you leave behind!!