Monday, 10 September 2012

Post 115!

Well here we are two months off a three year stint here on blogger,approaching 60,000 pageviews,a successful show behind me in Dublin,and a major solo show in Melbourne,Australia fast approaching.
I thought I would take this opportunity to alert you all to the above and to show further developments from the follow up process which I have embarked upon.
During the Summer I caught up with two of my sitters who have returned to Ireland ,one on his way
to Vietnam to teach English,and one home from London after a year and a half exploring the acting scene there.
I met Ryan Cronin Neilan  on Grafton street as he was in town to have some jabs before he travels.
He was in great form and ready for the next phase of his travels.He has travelled by now and I hope all goes well for him on the next leg of his adventure.
Jacinta Sheerin is at the moment in rehearsals for a fringe production, I'm not ADHD I'm bold.
This is another play that she has written with her acting partner Georgina Mc Kevitt an will play in the New Theatre Dublin for a couple of weeks.I met Jacinta in town to make a picture for her 
She was in fantastic form right then and we talked lots about the last two years and what it had meant for both of us,how time has moved along and things were still on an upward cycle.
These first few metings have filled me with enthusiasm for the months ahead and of course the linking up with more  sitters in their new homes.I am really curios to find out and share how they are going.
I hope you are too!!
comments as always are treasured!and reacted too.


  1. Hmmm, I really like the picture of myself but I also look like the worlds biggest poser rather then someone waiting for a bus haha. I swear I was just standing there waiting for a bus people. You must have some poser filter in photoshop David. That would explain it.

  2. no filter Ryan!!
    hope you are well how are things in your new home!!?

  3. Good good. Place is a photography goldmine! Loving it.