Saturday, 6 February 2010


Most important of which is don't be afraid of the unknown!!
computers can go wrong!
Take care!!
Tread softly!!
back it up!!
A recent computer fault sent me off down a road and it took me a week to get back!
Thankfully I had the time to give to it.
Coming out the far end I have to say that it is really important to have good technical support.
Michael Maher of I.S.S. a Dublin based tech company was on hand to advise and hand hold through this curious time.
This is what I get for talking about film!!
to Ilustrate this point i have included a picture shot some years ago on a MAMIYA RZ67
Again comments will be helpful(share the pain of your computer nightmares), and I hope the image brings back good memories for my good friend Eileen!!


  1. it sure does, it just put a hugh smile on my face, and I just shared it on FB with Leah, the girl in the photo.
    and I feel your pain on the computer issues, my head was spinning for the weeks I didn't have my computer due to virus, we have become so dependant on them

  2. I remember that day too! The worm...the was St. Paddy's day right?
    I'm only messin'. Memorable shot Dave.

  3. Beautiful image David! Really seems to capture a moment:)

  4. Love the inquisitive nature of the image Dave, Great to hear your computer problem sorted!
    Tidying up my own files on back up drive the last few weeks, forgotten a lot of the images I had taken over the years.
    Using Keyword/Tags, that you showed us in class a lot more efficently, takes a little discipline to slow down and file them correctly, but it’s becoming a great resource for searching for ideas, even small aspects of the images I’m finding useful for exploring projects.
    Frank B.

  5. David, that's a magical shot.