Thursday, 11 February 2010


In an earlier posting I promised to share with you my work in progress,my projects,so to speak
and so far I have shown the polaroid work that i have going on.
But that project is set to run for a long time Here is one project that i hope to conclude by early summer.Althoug barely started 3 years ago I now have the focus and drive to push this one forward to conclusion.Its a little project about the place I live, my block of a street called fontenoy street in dublin 7.
I feel it is a good representational cross section of irish society and
my wish is to root myself in its history ,at this time.
Then,present this place to the world on 10x8 transparency,and leave it behind me as hard evidence of what it was like to live within this frames gaze at this particular time.
there are 14 houses on the block so that leaves 11 left to go to.
Once i have completed the portraits i will then make a digital panoramic print of the block
hopefully without too many cars present.
print the print on beautiful archival fibre paper and there you go!!
wish me luck!!
Again comments are appreciated as they help to shape future posts.
If anybody has any questions relating to photographic practise
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  1. Fantastic idea and photographs. Its always chalenging to show people in their own environments in a interesting way. You did it.
    ...and film quality is unbitable ;)
    I'm looking forward to see more photographs

  2. this is my motivation!!
    thanks Artur

  3. Great Idea........ did you consider doing it through the window :-)
    (only joking).......
    I saw a project a guy in Scotland is doing it in a block of flats he lives in. Great to see the different takes on the same interiors.

  4. nice to see you have finally done more than one!! tech question: what lens did you use for the guy photo to blur the background? or was it photoshop?

  5. Great serie so far David...looking forward to seeing more.

  6. hey caroline hope all is good for you !! no photoshop work has been applied to the shot
    depth is merly what the lens gave me at f8( its a fantastic 300mm scneider xenar, standard focal lenght for a 10x8 camera)
    you can see how i,m going to have trouble when i get to the house of more than one person(hopefully next week!!)

  7. the first two have so much feeling, the light is really strong, looking forward to seeing more as the project grows