Monday, 15 February 2010


shooting in series has for a long time been a useful device for drawing people into your work.
It transforms the everyday and the unnoticed into a space where they are central and as much revered by the viewer as by the photographer who drew attention to them in the first place.
notables among series shooters are the greats like Bernd and Hilla Becher,karl blossfeldt,August Sanders ,and indeed of late my good friend Michael Durand.
the key features of all of these artists work is that they will photograph the same type of things over and over again in roughly the same perspective, in the same light,on the same medium,
and with the same on the names above to see their work The bechers shot industrial facades,mineheads and blast furnaces in huge numbers.Sanders shot types of people,usually by profession or by community standing. Blossfeldt shot plants to educate students of sculpture about natural design elements.And Durand made a glorious series of several dublin parking meters,months before they where all decommissioned.
So,To follow this illustrious band of dedicated photographers I too have made my first serious effort of shooting an interesting series.I ts called TREES.It contains 11 images of the trunks of trees shot in beautiful winter light.As with all photographic series its beauty is seen when viewed together and the viewer can delight in comparing shape,form,texture,composition,light and tone.It is my intention to publish these as a series in a limited addition portfolio,perhaps in an addition of ten.I wish to make fine archival prints on fibre based paper,with a pigment inkset.
The first step to achieving this goal is to remove one of these images from the set.
So i would be obliged if you were to counsel me on which image to remove from the 11 to make the perfect group of ten.
This morning I ordered the paper and was torn between Hahnemuhle fineart baryta, or Harman Fibre baryta.the decission has yet to be made at the moment I am leaning towards the harman paper but lets see what happens!!
the work was shot on a hasselblad hd50 dslr and processed in light room with silver efex pro used to do the conversion to monochrome.

I f any of you feel you might be interested in acquiring one of these fine folios please let me know by mail at
as always comments are greatly appreciated!!


  1. this kind of series gives totally new point of view and shows photographed objects in completely new way. looking at these trunks its like looking at the portraits of the trees...
    If you asking which one should be removed, hmmm...i think 4th or 10th. they are great but somehow these two draws my attention to something different, something around...not to the trunk as the rest in series.

  2. Hi David, another nice idea and series. I agree with Artur regarding number 10. All the other trunks take centre stage, but with 10, the eyes are drawn to the snow and railings away from the tree trunk. Also I think this tree trunk has less texture and character than the others in the series

  3. Hi David,
    I think no 11 although a beautiful image is the one that is just that bit different because of the engraving on the tree. Also I would love to own one of the folios. so please put me on the list.


  4. thanks for that i think its a 9 image series now that will strenghten the whole feel!!
    paper ariving tomorrow!!

  5. Hi Dave
    How did the printing go. I'd like to give a copy as a gift. So not to put you under any pressure but get a move on.


  6. hi mark ill do but might b 2 weeks or so is that to long .do you have a date

  7. Hi Dave end of March is fine.