Saturday, 8 May 2010


In Ireland over the last 10 years so many industries have closed down as investors shifted their favour from production to speculation.This was fueled by light financial regulation,reckless abandonment of credit standards,and the euros european controlled low interest rates.
These pillars were exploited to the full extent and beyond by those in a position to do so to the detrement of our society.
This is evident in the planned development for Moore street and the jury’s of ballsbridge plan which planned to close a viable hotel and several other buildings,demolish and build a new quarter just because the numbers looked good for profit generation!!.On the other side of the fence,countless people became long distance commuters forced into overpriced housing far from their places of work, and now are trapped in a negative equity box,some isolated from their previous social support structures.
The building business was swollen and propped up our labour market until it too burst.
the results of this flood is still now being felt.
Although this speculative phase has largely been removed from ireland by economic crash
we could still become victims of the International speculative system as countless well resourced number crunchers around the globe exploit the weak in the name of trading numbers.The EURO itself is under pressure and although it would appear unlikely at the moment a domino topple starting at Greece could bring the system into question.
Closer to home a lot of people are still Leaving Dublin.
Last wednesday Night I was joined by Keiko Furamoto a talented paper conservator from Japan. She loved living in Dublin and had planned to settle here but alas it was not to be
and she returned to Japan a year and a half ago.she has returned twice to be with her friends in Dublin who she misses dearly

here is what she had to say about herself“I was awarded 2007-8 Heritage Council Internship -the first conservation intern to be supported by the Heritage Council at the NLI. I worked at the NLI from Oct 2007 to the end of August 2008.
During my stay, I was offered a year extention at the NLI but my work permit wasn't renewed as it had been stated.
I applied for a maternity leave cover position at Trinity college and the job was offered but
my work permit didn't come through. So I left Dublin in the mid Nov 2008.
Since Dec 2008, I am working for the Handa Kyuseido Company Ltd, Oriental Painting Conservation Studio.”
The people of my leaving dublin project are represetitive of the human face of irelands problems.Keiko’s situation is a direct result of our countries attitude to non Europeans.Even when people have a lot to offer our society they are treated with hostility by the governments authorities. A sad reality which will hamper the the enricment of our society.
On the night Artur Sikora Carried the torch and shone it beautifully.
We also met some beautiful people who held back shifting gear from whelans venue until we had the shot Horrah for people!!!

Sorry for so many words but the photographs do need a little contextualisation.
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  1. IS IT A GOOD TIME FOR A RANT? i don't know. sometimes its good to express can feel better then. we've all (or almost all) been struck but current situation. all we can do now is just wait i suppose...wait and see what will happen...
    very good article David and great image!

  2. thanks Artur.I think though there is some little thing we can do to help
    stop this endless cycle of speculation,and to encourage involvement in real tangible production over just taking profits without a care!!

  3. this matter you are absolutely right

  4. semisolidradio.com15 May 2010 at 22:13

    Hay Dave love the curtains!!! python and drapes at its best!! Lovely photo and a great add' to collection, as for your rant....... its well put together and you should march to the Dail and let them have it!!!

  5. that would only get my head cracked!!
    but hey!lets spread the word