Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Myself,Artur,brian,and Hugh, took to the streets of Dublin a week late after rain had stopped play the previous tuesday.
Our objective to shoot a glorious parting shot for the Flood_Kettunen family.

They are david flood,minna Kettunen,and 10 month old Matilde Flood.After working in the I.T. sector during the boom David spent the last 4 years in college as a student of photography. He made some money during this time teaching digital practise with the Gallery of photography and the V.E.C.
His Partner Minna worked till Matilde arrived as a media specialist with Microsoft.
They have decided to ride out the recession in Finland, Minna's home country.They reckon the cost of living,the prospects for work,and the level of social service,all make Finland a much better place to be right now.
no difference with technique from the previous shots.the quirky composition is designed to give parity of esteem to all,whilst trying to say there is always a part of you that does not want to leave no matter how much you need to!!
Again nice helpful dubliners where encountered! I have got to say a huge thankyou to the staff of the bistrot, castle market
( go visit!!)
who coffeed us up, and allowed use their outside area as a base!!

david floods graduation show launches next friday details here
its a show that i have not missed for the last 10 years and is always full of top class work,I am hoping this years will be as good as always!
Talking of good shows I've just been to the opening of griffith college's first photography degree show
A fantastic display of work of,showing the many facets of photography which synergise to praise the photographic act in all its diverse forms.
See it if you can over the next few days!!
Coming up also in july is Irelands first photo festival,it has a great line up of over 20 venues and 50 photographers showing all over Dublin details here
All in all i would say we are all in for a busy summer.

Lastly for thos of you interested in a good photographic course the gallery of photography is hosting Kim Haughton who is giving an introduction to documentary photography course over four thursdays from june 24th(places are limited to 6 and fill up fast!!) you can see some work from previous participants here


  1. well done David. baby is a star here ;)

  2. thanks Artur,we are all moving quickly this week!!

  3. LOVE the composition on this one, and could the baby have been any better, looking up to the mother

  4. thankd Eileen ,delighted to get a family and show another side of this situation,and it looks monumental!
    i am very happy!(no time for ranting today!!)

  5. great pic David - differences in facial expression in the family are impressive! good luck to the Flood_Kettunen family.

  6. hey Keiko,big thanks good wishes from far away count as double!!