Friday, 14 May 2010


On an assignment earlier this week i had to photograph a set of curtains for an upcoming historical book. I thought nothing of it arranged the shoot for monday morning and took my self out to Newbridge house in Donabate North county Dublin.I have been there several times as there is a nice park, farm, and playground, and of course the house. I was struck by the 150 year old curtains and all of their grandeur but when examined closer there wasone interesting fault.
The curtains appeared to be rotting in situ and the edges near the ground where missing.
Just like our country I thought!
From a safe distance all looks in tact but up close things are most definatly falling appart on a person to person bassis.Yes Although it would appear to our European partners that Ireland has taken steps to avoid the financial mayhem of an I.M.F./E.U. bale out, things will never be the same for countless thousands of peopleWho will never have the money to pay of their over inflated debts let alone afford to change the curtains!
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  1. it would be great if you could throw your tuppence worth in here.
    its nice to create an exchange of views and opinions!!

  2. very heavy interior ;) and very good images David.
    Beside that i like what you said about Ireland. Very good comparison. But i think it's not only Ireland. there is few more counties in very similar situation. This is just not a good time to be in...
    by the way...Monty Python rocks ;) hahaha. i love them!

  3. yeah never thought i could use that qoute for any thing its my favourite
    "some day son this will be all yours!!!"
    really there have been far worse times, the world economiy now is a totally false one,somethings worth changes from day to day as people minipulate markets to their own ends.It should be stopped but who is going to do that.there is a greater power at play and every government is bought and payed .oh the futility of engagement!!

  4. the power of the people who manipulate everything and making the rules is too big i am afraid David.
    probably we as a grass-roots even trying to do a lot...can't change it :(
    maybe it sounds weird but that's the reality...maybe i am wrong...

  5. Big things grow from the ground........... so don't give up just yet!
    It's time to learn, reflect and get back to basics..... things had gone more than a bit mad!

    On the subject of curtains.......... are you asking us to pull ourselves together.... Duh!

  6. hey jenny,no thoughts of giving up, just giving out!!
    more than a bit mad is a beautiful way of putting it!

  7. ciara Flanagan27 May 2010 at 07:56

    Love the symbology! You could say I'm 'drawn' to the lillipution... every shot bitter and sweet, sweet in the familiar backdrops and bitter in the context of which they are shot! Trust the Irish to make jokes out of what would make most cry! So sad to think of it though this side of the world is so oblivious. x

  8. hey Ciara thanks again for your comments its always so good to hear from you.hopefully it wont come to tears for any of us,thats the joy of a sense of humour,eh!

  9. Wonderful images, David. Can you tell us more about the book they will be featured in ?