Tuesday, 15 June 2010


As discussed on an earlier postingI would like to, put together a group show of type 55 work.
So far i have put together 5 exposures all taken around the village of Ploeuc sur Lie in bretagne france.I hope to expand this to a series of 10 images as I will spend 5 weeks there between this and the end of august.
With this in mind I am now throwing my gaze outward to the world to see who would like to join me in putting an exhibition of type 55's together!!
The Idea would be to send some rough scans for consideration/evaluation,then if chosen the neg could be forwarded to me here in dublin for high res scanning and printing.
I would hope then to put together a small brochure (blurb softback)and try to secure a venue here in dublin for november or early december.
International participants could also try to get a venue to travel the resultant show in their own country
What do you think!!
There is no set brief for this expo project save that of the beauty of the object photographed,and of the photograph.
Above is shot of Ian which i photographed for a a cd case see his work here
for another view of my set so far click here
To join in this project just use the comments page,
please use the comments page to express interest in general in posting here at the lilliputian


  1. if i would get large format equipment in next few months i would love to take a part in it.
    this is really great idea David. good luck

  2. the camera is easy getting your hands on some film is the tricky thing as it has been discontinued 2 or 3 years now!!(see the link on the page at type 55)
    if you want to shoot 4x5 just call!! no problem!if we can get some type 55 all the better!!

  3. that's the fact. i was thinking about Impossible Project before but i see it won't be so easy ;)
    cheers David

  4. not easy, but not impossible!!

  5. Hi Dave, I would comment sooner just having serious troubles with my computer lately. You can count on me with this project surely. can't wait to it actually!
    As I already mention I know few great artists who will be interested in participation surely. I will just direct them in here though. :)

    Than enjoy your stay in France Dave, I envy you I can say! Just came back from short stay in St. Michel.

    I have around hundred sheets of this stuff in my frige Artur, if you interested I can provide few sheets, even assistance if you have a good project in mind.

    All the best


  6. cheers Vlad...i see lots of possibilities. great stuff guys

  7. Hi guys thought i posted a very long reply to your comment today vlad but its gone,where i dont know.
    maybe you can forward some scans to me and i can maybe use them as an add on here for this project.
    off to france tomorrow with a pack of type 55
    wish me luck!!

  8. Nice one Dave, loving your attitude, France is absolutely photogenic, you will surely find great use for your sheets, no need for luck at all though! ;)

    Bon voyage, and enjoy your stay!

    Got your mail.


    These are superfantastic and busy traffic sources for searching on old school equipment.
    They're all photographers dealing with photographers, no moneymakers nor scamers I met so far.

    Oh, free to use any of my shots in here Dave. They can be redirected or downloaded from my ArtLimited easily: http://vladimirlongauer.photography.artlimited.net

    I'm experiencing troubles with posting in here as well by the way, not sure what the problem is. Well, my jurassic laptop is whole mess anyways..

    Talk soon,


  9. Thanks to Vladimir, I visit this place and I'm very interested in participating in your project. Surely,if you decide to take any of my P55 shots.

  10. hey Piotr,glad you have come along,would be delighted to see some of your p55 work if you can direct me to it.
    thanks very much for this contact!!

  11. I would interested to participate!

  12. hi Darius,would love to see some of your t55 work
    loved youyr site and artlimited stuff,
    but could not find any there.can you send some to me direct at dmon@me.com
    thanks for making contact

  13. following Vlad`s sugestion I was directed to Your site. He recommended me your project and asked to contact you concerning 55s.

    http://voal.pl/index.php?user=1811 here are some of my polas I posted, , have more and probably will have more since im plannning a project.

    cheers, Piotr

  14. thanks piotr,
    will be in touch

  15. Me too, good idea for an exhibition-
    Vlad pointed me to your site, very good-

    I'm in Dublin too, some of my T55's can be seen here-


    Must shoot some more...

  16. hi Joseph glad you have joined us here,
    please send an email so we can continue this conversation.
    and make some plans!

  17. Hi David, Vlad sent me this way. Would love to join in the exhibition. My only issue would be sending the negs (I just could never risk it in the post). I can either hi-res scan them myself, or contact print them, or if you are looking for enlargements, I have a lab that can do that here (I am based in Brussels). If that is OK with you, the I am up for it. If that is Ok, I can send you some files...how many images are you looking for per person? Rgds, Kal

  18. thats cool kal you can send me the best shots you have .(the ones that you feel embody the spirit of t55 for you)
    at a reasonable res ,
    iwill be in brussels later in sept to do a pick up of files or negs whicever you prefer
    glad to see this is gathering some momentum now
    my direct email is dmon@me.com

  19. Though I don't have anything to contribute, I learned about this exhibition through Vlad (thanks Vlad!). I'm sharing the information with my friends over at filmwasters.com
    I think they'd be very interested to know about this!

  20. Happy to participate, if any of my work considered suitable:



  21. thanks Anne a lot of traffic has come from filmwasters.
    thanks also Kuroneku your work seem to sit very well with my aspirations for this show.
    I would like to ask anybody wishing to participate to mail me direct at dmon@me.com with low res scans of pics they would like to include.
    I will create a gallery from these and move to making another post specifically to kick this process off and to start working towards the final expo

  22. Will you consider this one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gregrob/3685577475/in/set-72157601065957180/


  23. hey greg thanks for making contact here.
    to be honest ive been through your set on flikr and i cant stop going back to the brampton brick dyptch
    it just beautiful
    its an in if you are interested!!