Monday, 11 October 2010

Oscar makes the arrangements by phone!

To start I have to say sorry to Jana Andrew,and especially to Oscar.
When I left them last tuesday night I told them I would be editing the next morning as I was expecting a call re work later that day!
Well I started to edit and the phone rang at about  eleven o'clock and i haven't had a minute to myself till now
Could this be the start of the recovery we have all being waiting for?
I don't think so,but its great to be busy again if only for a little while!
So its late sunday night/monday morning and I am delighted to say this edit has worked out well 
and shows Andrew Wilson, Jana Vourgourakis,and Oscar wilson,all of who are leaving any day now to return to Los Angeles.
For the adults of this party its a return home but for little Oscar its a trip into the unknown.
 Living in Dublin has been his longest stay in any city  so far,so Los angeles is going to have to show him parks at least as good as St Stephens green and the Ivy gardens,(both just across the road from where they have lived for the last year).
Jana picked Camden lane as the set for this shot as she enjoyed playing here with Oscar on their way to and from town.That said it has a different feel to it at night as it is right beside a couple of nightlubs and a large bar
Although they knew on arrival that they would be only here for 1 year both Jana and Andrew really enjoyed living and working in Dublin and are sad to leave it.
I wish them the best of luck back home and hope that their life journey takes them back here again so as Dublin can benefit once more from their company!!
Brian Daly,Artur Sikora,and Hugh McCabe lit up the night,whilst several happy dubliners passed us by on their way here and there!! 
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  1. nice one Dave....there's some sort of emotion on this one! like the light work on the background that gives a bit more depth to the picture!!

    good stuff


  2. thanks Gianni,wow this whole project is charged with emotions.
    hope you get a different feel emotionally from the others also
    thanks again

  3. Hi David,Was worth wateing for, lane looks bleek,subjects hopefull! solid shot, well done to you and your team

  4. and the bat phone!!he is talking to the mayor of Gotham city!!