Friday, 8 October 2010


If you have stopped here before you may remember I was interviewed by a roving american reporter by the name of Andy Jordan.
Andy works for the Wall Street Journal online edition,and recently he took a tour of Europe to make a series of short films about the current European economic depression.
Last week he published the firs of these reports, a piece on Spain online click here to see it.
In the course of our interview we talked about my current leaving dublin project and how it relates to the current economic situation.Whilst here he also talked to trinity college economists the minister for finance,and amongst others, one of my portrait subject Bernard Tyeres.
After this experience my hopes are manifold.They are as follows
1 I make it past the first edit.
2.I did not misrepresent myself as a result of nerves
3.My images are used to illustrate the piece.and
4. my work receives a boost in traffic and this results in benefits including new work!!

 In preparation for this I have put together a view book site.
Its meant to be an online portfolio and I am hoping to use it as a bounce along with this blog.
The aim I suppose is to give readers a little bit more depth, and a way for me to show the purely visual side to work without all the text that comes with the here or on the main title above to access the site and enjoy.The shot above is featured on the site in a gallery called type 55.
Myself Artur,Brian,and Hugh were out on the street again last tuesday,but editing is slow due to work load.
I hope to post the final image over the weekend.
please comment on the site and let me know if there are weaknesses and /or strenghts
OH it all helps!! believe me!
thanks david


  1. Congrats on the interview dave, hope u make it through the first edit and like u say it results in exposure of ure project as it deserves it. The site looks really good, love the close to the heart set and also the the type 55 set. By the way if u are ever stuck for an assistant I'd be happy to lend a hand, get me out of my sports world for a bit. Cheers

    brian lawless

  2. hey thanks brian,came across the type 55 you shot some time ago.
    Next time it will be coming your way.
    remember if you see any friends on the move push them my way
    thanks again

  3. great portfolio David!
    everything looks great. simple and elegant.
    type 55 and moore street collections are very special.
    see you soon!

  4. thanks Artur
    there is a very interesting story behind the moore street pics.
    But it hasn't been finished yet.
    hopefully the re vamp will not happen and the area will flourish as a market street,as it did during my childhood!!

  5. yes..there is a few places in Dublin I am worrying about but i hope current economical situation will stop expansion of evil ;D if you know what i mean.
    it will be actually the only good thing about crisis.

  6. right on Artur,i'm with you on this one!!