Friday, 13 May 2011


I suppose it was only a matter of time before we ended up smack in the centre of Dublin outside the G.P.O.
It happened last week on a thursday night and timing was critical as one of my subjects Ara Lopez was off to Mexico the next morning.Rain had cancelled the shoot the night before and I am indeed grateful to Ara and her Irish boyfriend  Daragh Mc Munn for agreeing to come to town a second night so close to a departure.

Ara has left and Daragh will follow in a few weeks time.  Ara works in marketing and has managed to secure a good job in Mexico and is delighted to be moving back closer to her family.I feel it was the difficulty in extending a visa hat brought this move on but all has worked out well as Daragh, native of Rush, is following his love to Mexico to set up a life there.
He is a psychiatric nurse and is out of work so here is an opportunity for a new life on a new continent.
On the night I talked with them both and Ara pointed to the place on the street where they first kissed two years ago.This touched me and again brought up a different emotions.Adventure,love,excitement, pursuit of happiness were the things on my mind and not senseless economic displacement,despair,and family woes.
For me Ara and Daragh are the embodiment of the human spirit the face of difficult times being able to turn things to their advantage and placing love at the centre of their life.
I wish them well for a good future and a happy Balanced life in Mexico!
Artur And Ray again made it all happen on the night and for that I am also grateful.
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  1. Lovely story behind this shot, Dave. Big move for the boyfriend. Hope it all goes well for them. O'Connell Street looks so shiny and clean in the shot too. And there they are, about to go digging it all up again for the LUAS.

  2. hi Conor ,he seemed very happy to be on the move!!
    love that space outside the G.P.O. now its settled down!

  3. Great shot David - lovely composition
    and nice text as well - who would have thought you were a romantic ;)

  4. have to be honest Conn ive been crying a lot lately and its good to see triumph over adversity it really lifts my spirit!!
    thanks for signing in it means a lot to me when a post connects!!

  5. there is something very fresh about this one, maybe I'm touched by what you wrote, or maybe it's the coming full circle and you've found your way back to the well known downtown landmarks (has it been a full year of shooting), but the warmness of colors and so much light added to the onward n upward look of there faces has a hopeful feel

  6. David, This is a beautiful love story, have you ever thought of writing one ? if not perhaps you should give it some consideration being you are so gifted with your photography and it moves people such as myself is a gift so,writing should come easy to you because you can see beyond the horizon, Very touching article I loved it.
    Slanta, Bridget Wills

  7. everybody i would like to introduce you to Brigid Willis a true hero of mine.She emigrated from Ireland 50 years ago and is now in upstate New York.A woman who has lived her life over the horizon!!!
    keep it going Brigid and thanks! Your words propel me forward!!

  8. hi Eileen its 16 months into the shoot and getting interesting in that we can se the different strands and situations people find themselves in.
    Its begining to jump off the page.
    In this case it would seem I have added to the true emotion by picking it up and commenting on it!
    Glad you and so many got it also!
    for after all this project is a celebration of the human spirit!

  9. Semisolidradio15 May 2011 at 17:18

    Hi Dave , This is your best one yet, Its powerful! hope you are well .

  10. hi Ian thanks!!
    alls good here hope you are good too!!