Saturday, 7 May 2011


When I started this project I was concerned that it would take some time,and indeed,it would take some numbers if I was to include all the many colours of people leaving our shores.Young ,old,male female,families,maried,single,friends,professionals,tradesmen,students,couples.
Now that I have over 40 shots in the series I can see the project being filled with people from all of these sections of our society.
If I can continue a little further I feel that the Leaving Dublin project will represent a true picture of all of the different groups who felt the need to leave these shores.
A real achievement awaits!!
A couple of weeks ago now I met with Tom,Nina,Isaac,Kael,and Sophia Scott  a family reluctantly making preparations to move to the U.K.(the 4th family to dates see 1 and 2 here 3 was the last post!)

I had the privilege of tutoring Tom for a module in his NUI CERTIFICATE: Photography and Digital Imaging (P+DI) at The National College of Art and Design. But this was my first time to meet all of his  family who had stayed up late to make this parting shot one to remember.
The Shot was made at the Dublin fruit markets a place that Nina has got solid connections  going back generations. She herself worked here growing up in the neighbourhood.
They are moving to the U.K. and the fact that they are moving inland is the biggest contention for Nina as she loves the sea and has enjoyed the past few years living and working in Greystones county Wicklow. Like her Tom will miss his friends the open country side,and the roar of the sea.
He says "I feel i have tried so hard to seek opportunities here and so little has happened,with the economic madness I feel I have little choice if I am going to provide for my family."
There is no doubt about it when you have children you are in it for the long haul and it takes love and money to make it all work.
I wish Tom Nina and their family all the best and hope all is good in their new home and the lookback later and see they did the right thing.
Here in Ireland we continue hurtling towards bankruptcy after being sacrificed on the altar of Europe in an effort to save the E.U. My feeling is the crash will come and boy it will hurt.At least Tom will make it to the relative safety of an independent  sovereign state with its own currency.
Again I say good luck!!
Artur Sikora,Ray Hegarty,and Chris o Reilly kept it all on the rails on the night and a big thanks to them and indeed to the children of Tom and Nina for being so calm.
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  1. great photograph David! it's actually very dramatic when you look at it reading the text below at the same time...
    this situation is mad indeed. I am experiencing it myself. hope Tom with family will make a better live in UK. good luck guys!

  2. very true Artur one thing this project does is bear witness to people bravely making tough decisions.
    I have no doubt that Tom Nina and family will get on well wherever they go!!

  3. I know how they are feeling - I loved my life near the sea. Having said that, I very much appreciate what I've got here after leaving dublin. So I hope they will settle down nicely in the UK. Very best of luck for their future.

    Incidentally, this project is going great, Dave!

  4. Thanks Keiko, the project is really opening up to the diverse
    Groups that find themselves leaving.
    Glad things are settling for you after the earthquake!!


  6. there are a lot of emotions going on in this project
    i find every one is tinged with sadness,but in some it is more obvious
    than others.But i feel Tom and family are doing the right thing!!

  7. Good going, Dave. Great to see the family shot too, and a fine looking family they are. I feel it with the sea here in London for sure - but I knew that would be a big miss over here. Down by the Thames today and all, dirty oul' thing! Even the Liffey is something to behold, compared.

  8. thanks conor,workin hard on the series,this one is special,its the most people in one shot so far and its a distillation of the countries problems right there in front of your eyes!!
    look forward to catching you over here soon!!

  9. Wonderful image....... definitely made more interesting and sad when you know the people (or at least we know Tom) ...... love this as a Photograph because Sophia looks us straight in the eye....... was that planned ? its very powerful because of it!

  10. Well in this situation Tom and Ninas position was planned
    The rest you direct but know things will shift over time.
    When I shoot multiple people there is Allways the added possibility
    Of having one of them appeal to the viewer for emotional response
    via a direct eye contact.
    In this case it was not negotiated but hoped for.
    From memory Sofia held this position for the entire shoot.
    So I reall just had to keep shooting Till I got the boys position in compliment to thatthanks for your observation and indeed the question!
    Great comment!!

  11. wow something on blogger removed that comment hope you got back to read it before it disappeared.
    As far as i can remember Sofia kept her eye on me for the shoot
    and i just had to keep shooting until the boys did the right thing
    Tom and Nina kept to the mark the whole time!!