Saturday, 28 May 2011

a short post on printing

In the world of high end of digital printing Epson have ben pushing the standards for years.
Until the introduction of their pigment inksets some years ago it was hard to have work with this origin accepted by museums and collectors as archivally sound.Once this landmark was reached however all was changed
As time has passed the quality and longevity has surpassed most other commonly used processes including c-type prints, and Lambda prints.
When used in conjunction with fibre based acid free papers prints from this process are resistant to fading for up to a hundred years far surpassing the expected life of Lambda or c type prints.
How ever in a world where so many other manufacturers products have the same initial appearance it has become very important to have a system where standards are set achieved and recognised by bodies collecting ,distributing,and producing fine art prints.
Such a system has been developed by Epson,which sets standards for achieving museum quality prints,
In edition,produced by print studios who adhere to strict guidelines regarding materials and technique.
The Digigraphie System first launched by Epson in France some years ago has been recently launched in the rest of Europe,and I am delighted to announce today that I have been accepted as user of this system.
heres how it works!!

The use of the term Digigraphie relates exclusively to a print produced :

- by a 7900 or 9900 model Epson Stylus Pro professional printer,

- with Epson Ultra Chrome TM inks,

- on certified art papers from Epson, Somerset, Arches, Canson, Hahnemühle, etc,

- authenticated : numbered, signed by the artist, marked with the official relief stamp and accompanied by its certificate.

If one of these four obligations is not complied with, the printed work cannot, in any case, be qualified as Digigraphie. This obligatory qualification is the guarantee, for the artist as for his clients, of ensuring the fidelity and permanence of the reproduced work (estimated to be 60 to 100 years as per tests carried out by various independant institutes).


The Artist undertakes, in the context of the use of the Digigraphie label, to exclusively produce works in limited series. The concept of limited series is defined by three criteria freely determined by the Artist :

- the number of proofs reproduced,

- the format of the reproduction of the artwork,

- the support on which it is printed.

Pictured above is a stamp made by my personalised embossing tool baring my artists mark D.M.
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