Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I have to say this project is bringing me closer to a lot of people.People I would never have met otherwise.
It has given me the opportunity to pause,chat,and to know and understand some of the complexities of modern life.
Also I have made an intimate study of certain parts of this city in an effort to come up with a fresh perspective and this has totally altered the way I feel about, and now look at,my own home town.

Last week I met Filip Naum and his girlfriend Eliska Komarkova Two people from the czech Republic who are heading home to Prague to be together.Filip is a keen photographer and a close friend of fellow photographer Natalja Murphy both of them operating out of wexford.Filip moved there from Dublin some years ago and made the trip once more by bus to pause with me before leaving for his new home.
In talking and working with them it was easy to see the warmth that they have for each other and although
Filip says its not easy to leave his home of six years I am sure his love will make the transition to a new home all the easier.Good luck in Prague Eliska!Good luck in Prague Filip.
Big thanks to Natalja for the introduction!
On the night it lashed rain and we found ourselves under a bridge pretty close to our original destination Busaras. The Bridge on Gardiner street framed all beautifully and kept us all dry for the shoot.
Artur pushed the light around with great fluidity and Filip and Eliska shone for us

I must also take this opportunity to thank Angel luis Gonzalez and Deirdre Mulrooney for including my work in their excellent Irish culture blog Vulgo.ie my project featured in its photography friday slot mid may and I am grateful of the recognition and the exposure to a new audience that the piece brought me.
if you've not been over please take a look and if you like it like it!!
Also the photoireland festival site launched today and it looks like there are good things ahead in the month of july.
Watch out for graduate shows coming up with the first happening next weekend at Griffith College,
They had a great show last year missed by many as it was not up for long.
This year it launches on friday next and will run all weekend check out their page here.
The D.I.T.graduate show then follows close behind on tuesday june 7th with the IADT Dun Laoghaire show also opening on friday june 3rd. Its going to be a great summer for photography,no doubt!
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  1. Excellent shot as usual, David! Love the light on the columns especially. All the best to a lovely couple Filip and Elishka in Prague!

  2. thanks for the intro Natalja,i know they will have a good life.
    they fit so well together!!